Home Services

Not feeling very tech savvy in your home?  Digital Handyman can help! With over 20 years of experience and a commitment to building relationships based on personal service, Digital Handyman keeps up with changes in technology so you don’t have to.   Don’t spend time holding on help lines or sweating over user’s manuals – call Digital Handyman today!

On-site home services include:

  • Computer Maintenance, Upgrades and Repair

    Digital Handyman can repair and optimize your computer’s performance and set up systems to automate cleanings and backup procedures.  You’ll end up with a computer that is faster, meets and exceeds your technology needs, is virus- and spyware-free, and is less vulnerable to crashes and other problems in the future.

  • Networking and Technology Integration

    Take your technology to the next level with our customized home network solutions and technology integration.  Share data, printers and other peripherals,and surf the web from anywhere in or near your home with a secure wireless network.

  • Advice and Instruction

    Whether it’s evaluating smart phone options to best meet your needs,recommending the software and hardware purchases, or teaching you how to use your scanner to fax a document, Digital Handyman can help.  Let’s face it:  You’re not really going to read the manual.  One-on-one training is available in your home, by phone, or online.

  • Virus/Spyware Protection

    Recent estimates report 30 percent of computers in the US are infected with some form of virus, spyware or malware.  Digital Handyman can ensure your data and personal information are safe and secure by detecting viruses, spyware and other cyber threats, safely removing them, and providing ongoing protection.

  • Internet Safety and Parental Controls

    As today’s tech-savvy children are becoming more comfortable navigating the internet, social networks, and other technologies, keeping them safe online is even more important.  We can help you understand online risks, recommend and install software and hardware-based protection, and offer practical guidelines and smart habits that work for your family.

Need help with your home computer or technology? Send us an email to submit a service request