As today’s tech-savvy children are becoming more comfortable navigating the internet, social networks, and other technologies, keeping them safe online is even more important.  Digital Handyman will asses your specific needs and develop a customized protection plan for your family.  We can:

  • Help you understand online risks – inappropriate websites, access to too much information, cyber-bullying, Internet addiction, online gambling
  • Recommend and install software and hardware-based protection – protection for computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices
  • Provide practical guidelines and smart habits that work for your family

Did you know?

  • Most kids are first exposed to pornography at less than 11 years of age
  • 57% of kids have accidentally accessed inappropriate material online, and 75% of these do not tell their parents about these incidents
  • Unprotected Internet access can lead to identity theft, cyber bullying, and social network dangers
  • 1 in 5 mobile searches (such as those from a iPhone or iPad) are for pornography.